Westwood Towing Service

Is a vehicle issue spoiling your day?

One of the area best-known tow trucks and its driver are most likely not too far away.

What Do You Need Done?

  • 24/7 towing near UCLA
  • Flat tire repairs
  • Dead car battery jump starts
  • Vehicle lockouts
  • Out-of-gas deliveries

About Your Local Company

The trucks are pretty active around our city, so you may have come across one of them assisting some other motorist.

Connect to what could be the friendliest, fastest tow in town.

In case you are having problems with your car today, your local tow company will do what they can to help you as soon as possible.

Getting a Tow to You Quickly

Emergency road service

If your car is sitting along a highway or in a parking lot, everybody understands your frustration.

Soon after your local dispatcher talks with you, they will route their next available truck and driver to wherever you are.

Your local operator drives a modern, clean truck.

They’re furnished with the latest gear and tools.

Each driver sets the safety of you and your vehicle above anything else.

There are California regulations and rules concerning how a tow truck driver does their job.

Your driver will observe each of these laws.

The driver will provide a tow, jump start your battery, open up your locked auto, provide you with some fuel, change a tire, anything it takes.

Full Service Emergency Towing in Westwood

If your vehicle is not safe enough to drive, get someone to pick it up and transport it over to whichever body shop or auto mechanic you like.

Each neighborhood driver is recruited and trained thoroughly. They will address your car properly.

They’ll treat your car as safely and as carefully as they can.

A Battery Jump Start Near the Westwood Village Area

Unable to get your car started today?

Not making any sound at all while you try and start it?

Usually, once you attach a working battery up to a weak one, the car should start.

Then, while you are driving your car around, the motor will get the weak battery charged up again.

All the same, if your car still won’t start when he has the supplemental battery attached to it, then the problem is obviously somewhere else.

He will then load up and bring your vehicle to a good mechanic who will diagnose the real problem.

Gas Tank on Empty?

Keeping enough gas in our gasoline tank isn’t a difficult job, yet it’s relatively easy to run out of gas when you’re busy and preoccupied.

If you’re out of gas somewhere and you can’t get hold of a close friend who will bring you some fuel fast, a tow service would be ready to deliver what you need to get you to the next gas station.

Flat Tire Replacement

Flat tires happen. Unless you have those run-flat tires on your vehicle, you might have to deal with a bad tire once or twice during your driving career.

In many cases, someone may be able to remove your bad tire and replace it with your spare one.

In many cases, you won’t be able to put your spare on, so you will have the car towed to your favorite tire store to get it replaced or patched.

My Keys Are Locked in My Car

It’s always been very easy to mistakenly lock your keys inside the car or in the trunk area.

Fortunately, most people have an additional set they can use to open their car.

Tow drivers and car locksmiths will get into lots of locked vehicles.

With the appropriate coaching, the right tool and a bit of luck, they can pop open most locked car doors.

Let’s Plan a Tow for Another Day

Got a car in your driveway which won’t run? Have to have it towed somewhere?

You can plan a day to get it done.

It could be there is a truck or car parked on your property that isn’t supposed to be there.

It isn’t yours. Unsure what to do about it? Talk to a tow company that knows your options.

Holmby Hills Towing Services

If your driver can correct your issue right at your location (such as replacing a flat tire), he will do that.

In other situations, he will have to winch your vehicle up and truck it to your favorite repair shop.

If you are looking at a mechanical situation and you cannot drive your car, but you don’t have a preferred mechanic or repair shop, your driver could suggest a few alternatives for you to look at.

When your vehicle is dented or damaged in an accident or mishap, the insurance company that will be covering the repair will normally want you to bring it to one or two particular shops.

If you haven’t been instructed where to haul your car yet, and you don’t have a preferred body shop, your truck operator is able to provide a few thoughts based on the make of car you have and what the damage is.

No Cash in Your Wallet?

Your driver can accept most credit cards. That’s how most car owners pay.

Pricing is established upfront except for the number of miles for the tow.

You’ll find established fees and mileage charges.

Getting to Where You Are As Quickly As Possible

Right now, most trucks may be assisting other vehicle owners around the city.

Once your call comes in, you get scheduled in line to get serviced next.

Your tow driver wants to get to you as soon as he can because he recognizes that being stuck sitting in a parking lot or at the side of a highway is not any fun.

What Sections of Los Angeles Are Easily Serviced?

If your vehicle is sitting in most areas of LA, a tow driver is able to head over to you before long.

You can often observe trucks working in local neighborhoods such as Westwood Village, Holmby Hills, UCLA area, Los Angeles Country Club area, 90024 and 90095 zip codes.


Is There Service Near Me?

If you’re in one of these neighborhoods: Westwood Village, Holmby Hills, UCLA area, Los Angeles Country Club area, 90024 and 90095 zips.

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