South Los Angeles Towing Company

Car problems? Can’t get where you want to go?

There is most likely a truck and a driver in the area. Why not call.

Here’s Some of the Services You Can Have Done

  • Around the clock roadside towing
  • Fuel delivery – bring you some gas when you’re running on empty
  • Car locksmith service – open up a locked vehicle
  • Jumpstart your car – boost your battery and get it started
  • Flat tire replace – when you have a good spare tire

Your Local Operator

Unless you’re new to our city, you might have spotted one of these trucks helping out somewhere in town.

Your local tow company’s goal is to give friendly assistance as quick and as affordably as possible.

We understand the anxiety of car troubles and needing a tow or some other support.

Find a company ready to help out.

Just Call When You Need Some Help

Alternator problem getting fixed

Car difficulties have a way of making a fine day rapidly turn into a bad day.

After you phone, your local dispatcher will start attempting to get the next available tow driver dispatched to your location.

Your tow operator is at the wheel of a clean, modern and reliable truck.

Each operator is able to connect your vehicle so there will be no marring or injury.

Community drivers know and abide by all the city regulations and appropriate laws here in Southern California.

In most cases, the problem that a stranded motorist is experiencing requires that someone tow the car or truck.

In some cases, they can fix the problem right there.

Examples of these issues involve dead batteries, flat tires or when the motorist is locked out of their car.

Road Side Service Towing in South LA

After you call, somebody will come to wherever you are, properly load up your vehicle, move it and drop it off at the body shop or mechanic of your choosing.

Neighborhood tow operators will deal with your car like it’s their own car.

They’ll load it up, transport it and drop it off as carefully as they can.

Dead Car Battery Jump Start

Vehicle not starting up? No lights coming on or are really dim? Probably a dead battery.

Your towing company will connect a working battery to your dead one and your vehicle should start up instantly.

On the other hand, if the car will not start while he has the extra battery connected to it, then the problem is probably some other component.

So he’ll load up and deliver your car to a mechanic or garage who will diagnose it.

Out of Gas in South LA

Our cars have a big gas gauge on the dashboard, yet a few of us still happen to run out of gas. Things happen.

If you are stuck somewhere and you can’t find a pal who will bring you some gasoline fast, a tow service will be willing to deliver what you need.

Flat Tire Repairs

It feels like the average driver gets a flat tire at least once.

Sometimes, you just take off the bad one and put your spare tire on and get you back on your way.

Not all cars and trucks have a ready spare tire.

And frequently cars get flat tires in places where it might be hazardous to try to jack up and change, so your operator could choose to haul your car to a tire store in those situations.

Car Locksmith

When you lock your keys in the car and you don’t have easy access to your extra set, it’s hard to go anyplace.

Car locksmiths and many tow truck operators can often get into the majority of locked vehicles.

They bring the instruments and the experience to make it happen.

It often takes a little bit of luck, but most locked cars and trucks can be unlocked.

Not an Emergency – Just Want to Schedule a Tow for Later?

Is there a car or truck in your garage or driveway you want to take somewhere, but it won’t make it on its own? You can set up a day and time to have someone come over and do that.

If you have a car or truck sitting on your property and it isn’t yours, there are rules about what you can do.

Why not learn about your choices?

Towing Company in South Los Angeles

The task of any tow service will be to either place you and your car back on the road as soon as possible, or to transport your auto to a mechanic or garage where it will get repaired.

Most people don’t have a regular auto mechanic.

Many motorists haven’t had a need for one other than the local dealer.

Your truck operator can recommend a couple of garages in your area if you want him to.

In the event your auto was in an accident, usually an insurance adjuster will let you know which repair shop to take it to.

If you haven’t been informed concerning which repair shop to take you vehicle, you can haul it anywhere you want.

Your truck operator may offer a suggestion if you want some advice.

No Cash in the Wallet?

Not a problem. Tow trucks take credit cards.

Your dispatcher can present you with the easy price rates when you call.

The Fastest Tow

Nearly all tow drivers are out serving other SoCal car owners at this time.

So their time of arrival to you will vary determined by where they are now.

Your vehicle driver will try to get to you as quick as he can because he knows that being stranded sitting in a parking area or at the side of a road is no fun.

Can a Service Vehicle Visit Your Location?

Vehicle owners are being helped across the metro in areas such as Westmont, Watts, Park Mesa Heights, USC area, Central Alameda, Leimert Park, Park Mesa Heights, South Park, Vermont Harbor and I-105.


Is There Service Near Me?

Regularly helping out motorists in these areas: Westmont, Watts, Park Mesa Heights, USC area, Central Alameda, Leimert Park, Park Mesa Heights, South Park, Vermont Harbor and I-105.

Another Motorist having a bad day

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