Mid City Towing Company

Car issues? Need a tow?

LA tow truck drivers are in the business of aiding stranded motorists. Maybe they can help.

This Is What Towing Companies Do Around Town:

  • 24 / 7 towing
  • Boosting a dead battery
  • Car unlocking when you lock your keys in the car
  • Flat tire changing
  • Fuel delivery when you run out of gas

About Road Services

If you spend any time driving around the city, you probably have noticed one of these local trucks on the highway before.

A tow service is in the business of aiding nearby car owners who’ve run into a problem.

And they attempt to do it in a nice way too.

If your car isn’t moving or you can’t even get into it, someone can deal with that problem.

Call a Local Tow Service

Car won't start so it's being taken in

If you can’t go to where you want to be due to a car or truck problem, most people understand how discouraging that can be.

When you call, your local dispatcher will start working to get the next available tow driver sent to your location.

Towing company drivers manage neat and modern trucks.

And they are outfitted with all the tools they need.

Once they get to your spot, the operator places the security of people and your car over everything else.

Towing companies and operators must follow California community laws and rules.

Drivers conform to these guidelines on every service call.

Your emergency truck driver will attempt to remedy whatever issue you are having – out of gas, car won’t start, flat tire, or keys are locked inside.

If he cannot solve your situation, he will properly winch it up and take it someplace where it will be fixed.

Emergency Tow Service near Mid City

If it isn’t possible to drive your car, and your operator can’t fix the problem on the spot, he will pick it up and transport it over to any body shop or garage you want.

Nobody is more considerate with your car than your tow operator.

He acts as if your vehicle is his own car.

My Car Has a Dead Battery

If next to nothing happens when you push the start button or turn the key, if there is simply no sound at all, most likely you have a dead battery.

As long as your driver can get access to your weak battery and hook his battery up to yours, he will probably be able to jumpstart it and get it running.

Then, as you drive around, the drained battery will recharge.

There are times a jump start won’t fix the problem.

In these instances, the problem is usually not with the battery, but with another section of the starter system.

When this happens, you will need to transport the vehicle to a repair shop.

Out of Gas Near Crenshaw or Baldwin Hills

This is the easiest mishap to prevent, but folks still run out of gasoline when they are driving.

If you cannot find a friend who will come out quickly and bring you some gasoline, a tow company can assist you with that.

Those truck drivers carry extra gasoline cans on board their trucks.

Change a Flat Tire near Liemert Park or USC

If you’re out of commission because of a flat tire, there’s a few solutions.

If the scenario allows it, you might be able to take off your flat tire and put on your good spare tire.

Not all cars and trucks have a useful spare tire.

And quite often cars get flat tires in locations where it can be dangerous to try and jack up and change, so your tow operator might choose to tow your vehicle to a tire retailer in those situations.

Vehicle Lock-Outs

When you lock your keys in the car and you don’t have access to your second set, it’s hard to go anyplace.

There’s a couple different ways to get into a locked vehicle.

With some training, the correct instrument and some luck, many tow drivers and car locksmiths can unlock a locked car door.

Arrange an Arrangement for a Future Tow

Got a car in your driveway that won’t run? Want to have it taken someplace? You can set up a day to get it done.

Is someone parking their vehicles on your property or hindering access to your property?

Want to find out what you can do? Grab your phone when you’ve got a few moments.

Towing Services Near Baldwin Vista or West Adams

The responsibility of your tow company is to help you get and your car either back on the road or to bring your car someplace where it can be repaired.

It’s not unusual for the average motorist to not know where to bring their car for engine or mechanical repairs.

If that is your circumstance as well, the operator of your tow truck can name one or two good and economical places.

If you were in an accident and you need the car taken to a body shop, some insurance adviser could have already informed where you should take it.

But if you are unaware of which body shop you should take it to, your truck operator can assist with that as well.

Not Carrying Cash?

Tow trucks started taking credit cards years back.

Today, most motorists pay with a card.

Prices are relatively easy and upfront. Simply ask when you call if you want.

Fastest Tow Around

As you could guess, many operators are usually on the road around the city fixing some other motorist’s vehicle.

After you call, you get placed in line to be the next car serviced.

If you’re locked out or not able to get your car going, your driver knows how you want to get the situation fixed quick.

He will do everything he can to get to you quickly.

Where Can You Get Service?

Drivers visit much of the area.

You will find trucks working in neighborhoods such as West Adams, Jefferson, Baldwin Vista, USC area, Crenshaw, Baldwin Hills and Liemert Park.


Is There Service Near Me?

Call if your car is near one of these areas: West Adams, Jefferson, Baldwin Vista, USC, Crenshaw, Baldwin Hills or Liemert Park.

SoCal Motorist having a bad day

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